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 Groom your smile

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PostSubject: Groom your smile   Groom your smile Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2007 7:59 am

Pedicure, manicure the list goes on and so is the lift they bring to your whole persona. You get attention as credits to your grooming effort. Then you smile, you might show a healthy teeth but spaces here and there over that too gummy, thatís it all your appeals falls flat.

If this is your story, you need not bear the brunt of an average smile or an ugly one anymore. Your dentist can design your smile. The method employed is termed as Smile designing.

First of all dentist check those various parameters that mars the patients smile. It can be anything like disproportionate teeth, gum prominence or even genetically passed over stained teeth. Once the detrimental parameter is detected, health issues are focussed. If no such thing stands in the way, makeover of those detrimental factors is executed.

Smile makeover is the whole gamut of techniques like dental filling, teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental verneers and even dental implants. People might be familiar about putting implants to replace decayed tooth. The natural looks of such implants have been tapped to fill in spaces in some cases look spoiling tooth is extracted to implant artificial one. All this will giving the desired smile lift.

During this make over a dentist works with the proficiency of dental logistics and creativity of a craftsman. This integration is essential as he will have to synthesize technology and creativity in peace so that they donít conflict with natural smile once done.

Want to be groomed go for pedicure, manicure and donít forget about your smile.
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Groom your smile
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