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 Signs & Symptoms: An Ayurvedic Approach

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Signs & Symptoms: An Ayurvedic Approach Empty
PostSubject: Signs & Symptoms: An Ayurvedic Approach   Signs & Symptoms: An Ayurvedic Approach Icon_minitimeWed Dec 08, 2010 9:13 pm

With new breakthroughs and researches in Ayurvedic studies, new medicinal concepts and therapies are being approved in this holistic science. The purva roopam is the prodromal or earlier symptoms that occurs in a person when the disease is at the initial level. The symptoms aer usually mild and Poorva Roopam can help give hint of the disease but actual disease cannot be diagnosed at this stage and the disease either gets manifested or subsided at this stage. The indication of the future disease can only be understood by the attentive patients and expert physicians.

Purva Roopam are of two types: Samanya Purva Roopam, the premonition of disease gives indication to some extent without giving any indication of Dosha imbalance. Samanya Purva Roopam vanishes before the onset of the disease. Visishta Purva Roopam gives an idea of the doshas along with hint on the diseases.

Purva roopam is analysed to occur before the Roopam (sign and symptoms) and the onset of the actual disease. When the Purva roopam exists in large amount, the disease is considered as fatal. In Ayurvedic medicine, symptoms are divided into two: Subjective Symptoms where the symptoms are recognized only by patients and does not have any external indication. While in Objective Symptoms, symptoms can be detected by the observer. Thus Purva roopam can be considered as the science of diagnosis in Ayurveda where this early detections have always proved beneficial for formulation of new and effective ayurvedic products , medicines, therapies. The new concept of diagnosis and examination has proved beneficial to the Ayurveda as the most chronic of diseases can be treated with regular analysis of Purva Roopam and Roopam.
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Signs & Symptoms: An Ayurvedic Approach
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